Mood Swings... UGH!

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Ugh last night started something terrible. Me and Tyler were sitting down and looking at baby names and already trying to find the perfect one for our little one. There seem to be no compromise in sight and I was just getting a little annoyed. He was picking names that you heard kids in school get picked on with. (Alastar Banner Brinkley, really?) So I decided to for the time being to forgo the first name and bounce to the middle. I wanted to do something classy like one of our fathers or grandfathers names.

My Life Today...

So, I am 16 weeks pregnant. I am very excited, not nervous yet. I was engaged before I found out I was pregnant, well I ended that about four or five days ago when I had had enough of being miserable. I was not happy with him at all, I wish I had figured this out beforehand. But I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So, he wants joint custody of this baby, and I do not want him to. I guess you would have to know him to understand why I do not want him to have joint custody. I guess I can say that I never really loved him at all.

Get Back to Family Dinner

Families today are busy. With after school sports and other activities driving of our lives, a sit down dinner often falls off the "to-do list." But a family dinner is more than just eating vegetables: dinner is an important protective factor in maintaining the health and well-being of your children.