Women’s Health

Why You Must Ask "Why" When it Comes to Mammography and Other Medical Procedures

Do mammograms prevent breast cancer deaths or are they an unnecessary, potentially damaging procedure? It's our responsibility to take matters into our own hands, to become educated and to make wiser decisions about our health and well-being. Unfortunately, arriving to the right decision isn't always easy.

How to get Pregnant

To give a birth to a baby is a wonderful feeling. It’s like touching the heaven. A woman is completed when he gave a birth to a baby. Some time it is difficult to conceive due to many reasons. If this whole process goes naturally without any problem it’s a good achievement in itself. Most of the women’s don’t know about " How to get pregnantHow to get pregnant". There are ways to help the process along, though.

My neck and my lower back/bum hurts Excrutiatingly

I am trying to figure out what to do. I don't know if I am sending this to the correct place so if you know who would be best to help me out please direct me there. My neck and my lower back/bum REALLY hurts! I believe that it is worse than what I should be going through; yes I am pregnant and back pain is a part of the whole thing but it shouldn't be this bad.