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Getting pregnant at age 38+

Hi all. I am just about to get engaged to my girlfriend who is 38 years old now, turning 39 very soon. My girlfriend is very hesitant in regards to having a family together with me (in 1-2 years from now)...this is mainly due to the reason that she unfortunately had a stillborn child a few years ago in her earlier marriage. She was quite traumatized from this experience and had gone thru cognitive therapy to get out of her depressed state. I see often on now that women are getting pregnant much later in their lives, pushing into their 30s and some even in their early 40s.

MRSA and Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I had my first baby through emergency c-section last year. My wound still has not healed so I am having surgery in which they will open it and clean it from the inside.

I was told last week that I am MRSA positive and today I found out that I am pregnant.

Will this surgery and the MRSA be harmful to my unborn child?

Another sad Mother's Day

So Mother's day has come and gone, although I appreciate my family and friends that wish me happy mother's day because I care for my pet rabbit, Juicy, I always feel sad at my current position in life. OUt of all my firends I am the only one who is not married or not a mother or not living with a romantic partner, and now dead single. I get very sadd and depressed when I think about the time limit I feel I am on, and the issues that I have to overcome to reach my dream. Bieng a mother is not a dream I am willing to give up.


i am currently on the pill (monophasic) i started my period one week early, kept taking them then started them up again after my one week off stage. i had unprotected intercourse during the one week off the pill stage and i think i may have started my pill one day late. is it paussible that i may have ovulated during this period off the pill?

Can a Thyroid Nodule Cause Problems with Pregnancy?

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Dear Midwife,:
This is my second pregnancy. The first resulted in a spontaneous abortion at week 7 back in February. I took 2 positive home tests last week, so I am about 5 weeks from first day of last menstrual period.

My question is regarding the possibility of low thyroid levels. I have had a decent sized thyroid nodule for the past 8-10 years, but have been asymptomatic from what I can tell. I do not take any medication. Since I did have a prior miscarriage, I am concerned that low thyroid levels may have had something to do with it.

On a mission

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The pain in my joints is becoming rather frustrating. This may be my least favorite symptom so far - as I got over nausea (for the most part) and constipation (again for the most part). Being hyperflexible to begin with I know when my body needs strength work and cardio. Being pregnant and having an increase of hormones that increase flexibility and joint pain has been quite a wake-up call. Actually it's been more of a nightmare. My body aches most of the time. My back, hips and metatarsals slip and pop multiple times a day.

5w3d pregnant

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I am about 5w3d pregnant. I found out last week (one day after my missed period). Last year I had a miscarriage, but I also have a healthy 3 year old daughter. With this current pregnancy I knew I was pregnant before the test because of the symptoms. However, every day I am constantly making sure my breast are sore, and I get so paranoid if I'm not tired or having nausea, because my first sign of miscarriage last time was "losing my preg symptoms," I am so paranoid. I have a doctors appointment on May 6th (today is April 29th).