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Piercings and Tattoos During Pregnancy

Piercings and tattoos can be a way to express yourself, a way to remember an event or person, even a way to feel unique. Now that you're pregnant you may have questions. Do you need to remove your naval ring? What about tongue or genital piercings? Can you get a tattoo during pregnancy. Read more for answers to these and more questions about pregnancy, tattoos and piercings.

Should I Stop Taking Birth Control Pills?

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Dear Midwife,
My cycle has been WAY off since I've been on birth control (which has been for a year). This last period started a week early and has lasted for a week and a half. I had intercourse at the end of this long period and right after it happened, my period completely stopped. This is very odd for me.

I know on the package of the pills, it says that the pills you take during your period have "inert" ingredients in them. I plan on starting a new pack in a couple of days.