Actress Kristen Bell mentions her baby weight on radio show

While it's often said that women tend to have a certain "glow" around them during pregnancy, one thing is for certain - not all of the side effects of being pregnant are welcome by moms-to-be. Morning sickness, back aches and weight gain are some of the most dreaded symptoms, and actress Kristen Bell is one to talk.

Recently, the star spoke about her pregnancy on a morning radio show, stating that she's "about 367 pounds" and nearing the end of her nine months, according to CBS affiliate CBS-62 Detroit. Was Bell exaggerating her weight while jesting on the program? One would believe so, but it's not uncommon to feel as big as a planet during the later stages of baby development!

Baby weight is something that many women struggle to lose once their little one has arrived. However, there are a few ways that can help you combat the excess pounds you put on during your pregnancy.

Eating right and staying active are two easy ways to keep baby weight from becoming troublesome after delivery. Talk to your doctor about which types of physical activity are appropriate for you during each trimester. Exercises, such as walking and yoga, are especially popular among moms-to-be.

Once your little bundle of joy has arrived, consider easy aerobic exercises, such as walking, to get back into shape. Most women need to wait at least six weeks after pregnancy to return to their intense workout routines. Try to be mindful of what you eat as well, as sugary foods packed with empty calories can make it even tougher to lose baby weight. Taking just a few of these tips into account can keep you looking beautiful well after the nine-month period.

How have you lost baby weight in the past? Which exercises work best for you? Leave your feedback in the comments section!