Amber Rose shows off her baby bump as her due date approaches

One woman who hasn't been shy about her growing baby bump during her pregnancy is Amber Rose. The celebrity has been seen everywhere from Hollywood to the red carpet flaunting her tummy for the world to see, and she isn't stopping anytime soon.

Rose still has about two months to go in her pregnancy, and she was recently seen walking around Beverly Hills in chic black leggings, a hot pink jacket and pink sneakers - needless to say, her baby bump was at the forefront of her ensemble! Rapper Wiz Khalifa, Rose's fiance, has been by her side every step of the way since she first found out she was pregnant.

It takes plenty of courage to step out in a revealing outfit while expecting, but Rose has proven that she has it. That being said, not all women want their stomachs to steal the show every time they walk into a room during their third trimester!

There are a few ways that you can hide your baby bump during pregnancy whether you're in the second month or the seventh. One tactic that many women use is wearing the classic peasant top. This type of shirt is cinched below the bust line and flows gracefully over the belly to create an elegant look.

Another way that you can keep your baby bump out of the limelight is by layering. Try sporting tanks and tees with underneath cardigans for a more slimming look. Consider wearing dark colors to make yourself seem even smaller. These tips will help you learn that it's possible to look chic in maternity wear, even if you feel as big as a house!

How have you handled your baby bump in the past? Have you worn outfits to show it off or conceal it? Leave your feedback in the comments section!