Are you making these common mistakes while trying to conceive?

Have you and your partner been trying to conceive but aren't having any luck? There are some common mistakes that many couples make while trying to have a baby. There's so much information out there about fertility and how to conceive that it can be difficult to tell truth from fiction, but you should know that there are myths out there. 

 So, are you guilty of conception mistakes?

You're heading to the bathroom - According to an article published by Yahoo!, heading to the bathroom right after sex is the most common mistake women make when trying to conceive. For many women, their first impulse is to go to the bathroom after sex, but this may cause gravity to work against them. Ideally, you should lie on your back for at least 20 minutes following sex, so sperm can have plenty of time to swim up to the egg. 

You're using the wrong lube - If you and your hubby have been spending a lot of time in bed trying to make a baby, you may have invested in some personal lubricant to keep things running smoothly. Woman's Day magazine warns that some lube can actually slow sperm down and prevent them from reaching the fallopian tubes. This is why it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about which lubricants are the best to use if you're trying to get pregnant. 

You're ignoring stress - Woman's Day added that while a little stress is natural for everyone, if you've been experiencing a lot of anxiety and haven't been doing anything about it, it can make it difficult to conceive. According to the news source, a study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that mind-body stress-reduction programs doubled the chances of conception for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization. So, if you've been feeling anxious, consider a little yoga or meditation. 

You're still smoking - You may think that you can wait until you're  pregnant to quit smoking, but lighting up may be the reason why you can't conceive. According to Yahoo!, smoking 10 cigarettes a day can decreased your chances of successfully making a baby by 50 percent. This is why you should give up this dangerous habit before conception, especially since it can be stressful to quit once you're already pregnant. 

You're shedding too many pounds - You may have heard that it's important to be a healthy weight during pregnancy. While this is true, losing too much weight may keep you from conceiving. Losing too much of your body weight may interfere with your menstrual cycle, or cause it to disappear, which will keep you from being able to get pregnant. You should still go to the gym, but just be sure to do so in moderation. 

You're having too much sex - While you obviously want to have plenty of sex when trying to have a baby, you may not want to do it every single day. Woman's Day spoke to Karen Elizabeth Boyle, M.D., a fertility specialist in Baltimore, who explained more about this. 

"If a man with a normal sperm count ejaculates every day or multiple times a day, it can actually drive sperm counts down," Boyle told the news source. 

Did you discover that you were making mistakes while trying to conceive? If so, what were they? Comment here to help other women from making the same mistakes!