Are you prepared for the third trimester of pregnancy?

Even before she announced her pregnancy, Kate Middleton was admired for her beauty and kindness. Now, her relationship with Prince William has been taken to a new level, thanks to the results from a recent poll that surveyed about 2,000 British adults.

The Duchess and Prince have topped the list of most inspirational couples of 2013, further cementing their romance as one of the most admirable in recent times. Researcher Travelodge states that "Brits are looking up to established couples," according to Mirror News. Other lovebirds who made the list were Jay-Z and Beyonce, the fictional Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

Once the royal baby is born this summer, Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge and their child may soon become known as the most inspirational family of the year!

Enduring the third trimester
As spring approaches and Middleton's July due date inches nearer, she's going to need to prepare for the third and last trimester of her pregnancy calendar. That being said, there are numerous changes that come with this period, including a large belly and challenges with sleeping.

To make your third trimester more comfortable, take advantage of any opportunities you have to rest. Carrying around your child will likely take its toll on you as your stomach expands. In addition to resting up, take the time to baby proof your home. This means covering open plug outlets, eliminating furnishings with sharp edges and placing chemicals in cabinets, out of the reach of your infant.

Finally, make sure to finalize your arrangements with the hospital. As your due date approaches, pack up your belongings to prepare for the stay.

How have you endured the third trimester in the past? Do you have any tips for staying energized? Leave your feedback in the comments section!