Arizona woman gives birth, was completely unaware of pregnancy

If you're currently pregnant, you may think that it's impossible for a women to possibly be carrying a child and be unaware of it. However, believe it or not it, it's  possible to now know you're pregnant well past your first trimester, and some women don't even realize that they are expecting until they go into labor. For example,, an Arizona news source, recently reported that one local woman recently gave birth and was completely unaware that she was pregnant. 

According to the news source, Gilbert, Ariz., resident Janae Colvard said that she was in labor for three days, yet thought she was experiencing kidney stones. When she was finally taken to the hospital, she was informed that she would be having her third child. Colvard explained that while she had gained weight in the past few months, she did not think it was a sign that she was pregnant. 

"I gained weight, but I've had a lot of stuff happening this year stress wise that I just took it as I was gaining weight due to stress," Colvard told 

How did she not know? 
According to Discovery Health, there are many ways that a woman could be unaware of her pregnancy. For example, home pregnancy tests can often give a false reading if they are used incorrectly or taken too early. This is why women should wait at least one week after a missed period to take a pregnancy test, and even then they may consider going to see a doctor to confirm the results.

Also, not all women may notice the excess pounds that they pack on as a result of their pregnancy. Discovery Health states that women who are already overweight may not notice that they are gaining more, since excess belly fat can hide the presence of a baby. Furthermore, overweight women who begin a diet or exercise program soon after becoming pregnant may not notice the pregnancy as they shed pounds. 

Finally, while your period will typically stop while you're pregnant, some women experience occasional bleeding that they may mistake for their period. This is especially true for women who often have an irregular menstrual cycle. However, it's very important that a pregnant woman is aware that she is expecting so she can know to abstain from alcohol and get the right nutrients. This is why any woman who experiences irregular periods or unexplainable weight gain should visit her doctor. 

Do you know anyone who didn't know they were pregnant until well into the pregnancy? Do you think this is possible? Share your story here!