Baby mugging captivates new parents everywhere

Once your pregnancy comes to an end and you have a little bundle of joy around the house, chances are you're going to want to capture all of his or her firsts - the first yawn, the first bottle feeding and the first smile. However, parents these days are going above and beyond documenting everything from the pregnancy calendar to the delivery. Additionally, they're finding new ways to photograph their children in adorable poses.

Yahoo! Lifestyle recently reported on a new trend that's taking the parenting world by storm - baby mugging. The name is indicative of its meaning - baby mugging simply involves taking a picture of an infant who appears to be sitting in a mug. All that's required of mom or dad is to hold a mug close up to the camera lens in front of the baby to create the optical illusion. If you haven't seen an example of baby mugging just yet, think about hopping onto your favorite parenting or baby blogs, and you're bound to come across one.

If you're interested in documenting your pregnancy from the moment you find out you're expecting, there are many ways to do so in a unique manner. For instance, think about taking photographs of yourself and your expanding belly every week to show how you're growing. Many people also conduct stop motion videos these days as well to create more tech-savvy documentation of the nine months. Even though the fun doesn't really begin until the baby arrives, there are ways to indulge in the excitement leading up to the delivery.

How have you documented your pregnancy in the past? Have you ever sought a professional photographer for capturing images of your newborn? Leave your feedback in the comments section!