Brian Austin Green calls wife Megan Fox's pregnancy 'unbelievable'

What's sexier than Brian Austin Green? What about Brian Austin Green referring to his wife's strength and poise during her pregnancy as "unbelievable"?

Green and wife Megan Fox are expecting their second child, just 10 months apart from the birth of their previous child, Noah Green. According to the actor, the pregnancy is going well - though he's glad he's not the one who has to experience it.

"She is doing great, she did great the first time around. But I wouldn't wish the experience on anybody, I couldn't do it! I couldn't make a baby. It is unbelievable!" Green told Hollywood Life.

Green has been nothing but supportive to Fox during these early stages. He maintains a "Just Say Yes" policy, he told the source - anything she asks of him, he does without question. How's that for a hot husband and second-time father-to-be?

Despite his willingness to please, Green said that his wife hasn't yet started asking for all the "weird things" pregnant moms usually report cravings for.

Earlier this month, a source close to the couple told the Daily Mail that the happy family was expecting a second boy. These rumors haven't been confirmed by the couple yet, and Green isn't giving any answers. When asked which he would prefer the second time around, all Green would disclose was that he's "hoping for a healthy baby!"

It's refreshing to find a celeb dad who is so attuned to his wife's needs during pregnancy. Earlier this week, E! Hollywood News snagged a photo with the adorable couple out on a walk, with Green's hand protectively on Fox's elbow.

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