British women still smoking while pregnant

Once you confirm your pregnancy, you're going to need to change your lifestyle to ensure the health of your unborn baby. In addition to eating right and getting plenty of rest, you'll have to say good-bye to tobacco products and alcohol. However, not everyone adheres to the warnings given to them by their doctors once they find out she's pregnant.

For instance, new research has found that about one in three women in Britain choose to smoke while pregnant, according to The Daily Mail. In the North East section of England, one in five women gave birth after smoking throughout their pregnancy calendar. This is the highest rate recorded in the past six years, which raises concerns in the medical community.

"Today's figures show that while fewer pregnant women are smoking across England, mothers in the North East have been top of the smoker's prevalence table for six years running," Alan Perkins, chief executive of the Health and Social Care Information Centre, told the news source.

Some medical experts claim that babies who are born from women who smoked while pregnant are at a higher risk of developing asthma. These women are also more likely to experience severe symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning sickness and nausea, due to using tobacco products while expecting. 

Can smoking harm your unborn child?
There are several reasons to avoid using cigarettes when you find out you're going to have a baby. Using items that contain tobacco can dramatically increase the risk of low birth weight and a premature delivery. The carbon monoxide, arsenic and lead are all capable of negatively impacting the health of your child when you use cigarettes as well. Nicotine restricts your blood vessels and disrupts the flow of oxygen to the fetus. All of these potential hazards can lead to the possibility of stillbirth.

While it can be challenging to kick the habit, there are numerous resources available for women who want to do so as their pregnancy progresses. Your primary care physician can give you tools to help you quit, as well as advice on how to stay away from tobacco once your baby arrives.

Were you able to quit cigarettes before you gave birth to your first child? How did you stay away from tobacco products once you delivered your baby? Leave your feedback for fellow moms in the comments section!