Busy Phillips is in no rush to lose baby weight

Most new mothers want to lose their baby weight, but it can be a struggle for some. Luckily for most women, they won't have all of the media watching them and speculating how that are going to shed those unwanted pounds after they have their child.  Unfortunately, celebrities are constantly followed by the press, who love to comment on their weight before, during and following their pregnancy. However, one pregnant celeb has said that she does not care about her pregnancy weight. 

Actress Busy Phillips is expecting her second child, and she she recently called for the press to give celebrity moms a break and allow them to have proper time to recover before they have to be a size two again. 

Take time to bounce back 
Phillips spoke to The Huffington Post, and said that she finds it strange that people are so obsessed about how fast famous women are able to lose their baby weight. She said that like most things in the world of show business actresses shouldn't let what magazines and newspapers say about their weight following a baby upset them. Phillips added that in her industry, many women are blessed with naturally trim physiques, or have trainers that help them get their figure, so women should not be comparing themselves to celebrities. 

Furthermore, the Cougar Town actress called for not just the media, but for fans as well, to stop acting as though they are experts on baby weight when they judge pregnant celebrities. 

"It's interesting when people make comments about celebrities' weight gain or lack of weight gain as if they're a medical professional that's treating that celebrity. Like, ‘This doctor does not treat Jessica Simpson, but thinks her weight is unhealthy.' If you don't treat her, then how do you know?" Phillips told the Post, adding, "I do think moms should be given a break, all across the board. And I think that the most important thing is that you're healthy."

So is the actress excited to be having her second child? According to The Huffington Post, Phillips said that she and her husband are "thrilled" to be having another baby, even though they were initially unsure about having another baby. She added that since Cougar Town has stopped filming for the season, she is able to relax and simply enjoy her pregnancy rather than having to spend long hours on the set. 

To stay fit during pregnancy, Phillips has reportedly being participating in prenatal Pilates classes. 

How do they do it?
It's true that many celebrity moms seem to be sporting amazing figures a mere month after they give birth. While some of these women may simply be naturally slim, others have to work to get back to their original weight. Shape magazine spoke to nutritionist-to-the-stars Jackie Keller, who has worked with such celebs as Reese Witherspoon and Penelope Cruise, who explained that following a pregnancy she advises all her celebrity clients to start slow. Keller recommends that soon after childbirth women should go for daily walks, but they need to listen to their bodies and stop if they are in pain. 

"You can begin easy exercises like lunges, squats, shoulder raises, and light push-ups with the large muscle groups like back, legs, and chest," Keller told Shape. 

She advised against working on the core muscles for four to six weeks, unless a doctor says that it is alright. 

The most important thing women can do following a pregnancy is follow their doctor's orders, and only return to an exercise regimen when their body is ready. 

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