Celebrity dads love their kids

For those who follow the tabloids, one thing that many magazine subscribers like to see is news and photos of celebrity dads with their kids. Just for a moment in time captured on camera, these actors and singers are just like any other father, walking through the park with their little ones, sometimes even cradling two at the same time - one in each arm.

During pregnancy, there is a lot of emphasis on mom, but what about dad? 

Last August, Grammy-winner Usher won primary custody of his two kids Raymond V and Nayvid, who are 4 and 3 years old, respectively. Reportedly, the singer/songwriter has been photographed wrestling around, rough-housing, as well as cuddling with his sons.

After the custody battle, Usher spoke to US Weekly about his experience not having a father growing up and how it influenced him to be there for his kids.

"Having not had a father wasn't a reason not to be a good father. That was all of the reason to be a good father because I didn't have one," the musician told the news source. "Every bit of who I have become and the way I think I have handled these things represents the example for how I would like for my boys to be able to do things."

Usher isn't the only hard-working dad in Hollywood. The paparazzi have snapped photos of Orlando Bloom with his son Flynn, Ben Affleck with daughters Violet and Seraphina and son Samuel, Ricky Martin with twins Matteo and Valentino, Mark Wahlberg with kids Ella, Michael, Brendon and Grace, Matthew McConaughey with tots Levi and Vida, and Will Smith with son Trey and Jayden as well as daughter Willow.

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