Celebrity trainers weigh in on how Kardashian stays in shape

Everyone is eager to know how Kim Kardashian plans to get her world-famous figure back following her pregnancy. Sometimes, it seems as though celebrities get their figures back the day after they give birth, with no effort at all, but this simply isn't true. Most celebs understand the importance of keeping up with their exercise routines while they're expecting, and as long as your doctor says it's all right you should be exercising during your pregnancy as well.

Recently, E! News spoke to personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who revealed the exercise plan that he tailored for Kardashian to help her keep those classic curves!

Staying fit while pregnant
Peterson knows a thing or two about curves, since he has worked with Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez, two stars who are known for their figures. He said that, for Kardashian and other celebs, he focuses on weights and low-impact cardio, with the goal of keeping the heart rate between 130 and 140 beats per minute. Peterson said that new moms need their strength to hoist their new baby around while juggling car seats, groceries and massive baby bags. He added that, for new moms, staying in shape may help them boost their confidence and keep them from being too overwhelmed - nothing is worse than worrying about heading back to work, choosing preschools and shedding those baby pounds.

"We use everything from dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, ropes and cables. For cardio, we'll use the antigravity treadmill and recumbent bikes," Peterson told E!. "The recumbent bike is really great for pregnant clients because the seat tilts back to accommodate the belly. Clients can lean back more and still elevate the heart rate, but it's a little more comfortable for them."

He said that the most important thing for pregnant women to keep in mind while working out is that they need to take it easy. It's not about getting really thin or toned, it's about keeping yourself and your growing baby healthy. This is why he recommends that pregnant women avoid ab workouts or anything that will place a lot of pressure on the stomach.

"Workouts for pregnant ladies don't have to be grueling. There's no typical workout. I write a different workout for every person every day. The body is always trying to adapt, which gives it something to strive for so it doesn't just go into coasting mode," Peterson told E!.

Words from other trainers
Peterson isn't the only celebrity trainer out there who has been working to keep Kardashian in shape. Us Magazine spoke to personal trainer Tracy Anderson back in January, who was working with Kardashian during her first trimester. She said that when it comes to working out during pregnancy, every month is different. This is one of the many reasons why it's important for women to be constantly consulting with their doctors during their pregnanc​ies, so they know how much they can exercise without harming themselves or their babies.

Anderson said that Kim understands the importance of working out in moderation throughout pregnancy, with a focus on being "healthy," not "hot."

"She just seems to be totally on the right track, really healthy of mind and spirit, and totally ready to do this in the best way," Anderson told Us.

There's no reason you can't bounce back like the celebs do following your pregnancy. All you have to do is follow your doctor's orders and exercise in moderation, especially during your third trimester.

What have you done to stay in shape while pregnant? Do you have any tips for expectant mothers on how they can get fit both during and after giving birth? Offer your tips here!