Create a spooky ensemble this Halloween

It's getting closer to Halloween, and time is running out for those who don't yet have a costume. Expecting mommies may find that figuring out the perfect ensemble might be difficult, but there are some great pregnant Halloween costumes out there.

Many events and parties have already taken place for this spooky holiday, so you may have seen photos of your friends and family members fully outfitted as their favorite superhero or horror flick villain. Although you may think it's cheating, this is a great way to brainstorm.

Make up a story
You can turn any costume into pregnancy costume, and with a little creativity you can put together an entire scenario. For instance, a popular go-to costume idea is a pirate (pirates can get pregnant too!). In order to make it more interesting, get your partner involved and fabricate a story about going into labor, but you're stuck in a storm at sea and can't get to shore. Complete the look with a disheveled, wet appearance and your bulging belly.

Pregnancy horror story
If you prefer some gore, one idea that has been popular this year is to make it look like your baby is bursting out of your belly. This can be very easy to put together if you happen to have dolls lying around the house (of course, ask its owner if it's okay to use) or you can buy one cheaply at a toy store. First remove a limb or two, and paint some ketchup or red food coloring on your stomach and the extruding body part, then glue the doll's head, arms and legs to your clothes.

Make it as gruesome you want, but be cautious if there are going to be kids around - it may look a little disturbing when it's finished.

Group-themed costumes
If you're attending a Halloween party as a group, incorporate your pregnancy into the scene. For instance, your family could go as the Addams Family and you could be Morticia, while the other members could go as Uncle Fester, Gomez, Pubert, Wednesday or Lurch. Another option is to go as some of the characters from Monsters Inc. and you could be Mike Wazowksi with a big eye on your belly. Not to mention, if you have a young daughter, she could go as Boo.

Do you have any great pregnant Halloween costume ideas for our readers? What are some ensembles you've seen this year? Leave your answers in the comments section!