Create unique costumes for your family this Halloween

October may have just begun, but it's not too early to start thinking of that spooky last day of the month. After pregnancy, parents of young kids can let their creative side shine and have some fun doing it. If you're on a budget, don't worry, you really don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get the look you're trying to achieve. Here are three do-it-yourself costumes that can help you out or inspire something completely original.

Who you going to call? Ghostbusters

This beloved movie provides an awesome idea for a family-themed Halloween. Blogger Jenn Bloom Epstein writes that mom and dad can be the Ghostbusters. To make the outfit, you can buy inexpensive white paint suits, which can be found at any home convenience store. Backpacks with Ghostbuster guns can be assembled with an actual backpack, on which you can attach a vacuum hose or any spare parts you can find in your basement or garage. Finally, download and print out the signature Ghostbusters logo and slap it onto the back of your backpack, and you're ready to go. Then, your little son or daughter gets to dress the part of the ghost. You can outfit him or her in a white onesie and draw a scary ghost face on the front with the word "Boo!" Complete the ensemble with a white tutu if you can find one.

Can't go wrong with being a robot

Let's face it: Robots are awesome, and make even better Halloween costumes. Moreover, if you put a kid in a robot costume, you've pretty much got the cutest thing since kitten memes. First, you need to don your child in gray sweats, the Clay Times Journal describes. Then cut an aluminum dryer hose into four sections, which will go on each limb. Once secure, attach two disposable foil pans with ribbons close to the corners. When doing this, you'll want to make sure that there's enough space so that it can fit over the child's head. Now is the fun part: You and your kid can use markers to draw buttons, switches and knobs on the foil pans. Finally, you can take any old baseball hat and wrap it in aluminum foil to top off the greatest-looking robot ensemble.

Lobsters may be delicious, but they sure are cute

A funny Halloween costume for an infant (he or she should be able to at least sit up for this one) is a big red crustacean. With a little sewing, you can create a lobster costume easily. Dress your baby in a red shirt and red leggings. Then make a simple skirt out of red felt. You can also make the claws out of this material or opt to use little red mittens. Finally to make the head, take a red hat that covers their scalp and poke holes in the top to stick two pipe cleaners with a ping pong on the top of each - these will be the eyes (draw a pupil on them with a black marker!). For the final presentation, sit your son or daughter on a large serving platter - it will definitely get a crowd laughing and taking pictures.

What are some do-it-yourself costume ideas that you've had throughout the years? Can you give any suggestions to our readers? Leave your answers in the comments section!