Decrease your stress this Thanksgiving

If you're dealing with the holidays late into your pregnancy, you may feel overwhelmed while organizing plans with the family, cooking and preparing the house for company if you're hosting. Even the prospect of travelling may seem like the last thing you want to do, however, there are ways that you can handle the holidays while staying comfortable and stress free.

You don't have to do all the cooking
If you're used to being the person who cooks the turkey, it may be the year to step down and give someone else the opportunity to fulfill the role. This will be a great deal of stress lifted off your shoulders. Even if you don't think it will be difficult ahead of time, the days leading up to Thanksgiving tend to be crammed with a lot of last-minute cooking, using every stove burner and oven rack. Plus, little things like decorating and organizing are just one more thing you have to worry about doing on top of everything else.

So, instead of taking the reins this Thanksgiving, opt to bring an apple or pumpkin pie, which you don't even have to bake - no one has to know you got it from a bakery!

If you have to host for one reason or another, one way to take some of the responsibility off of you is to make it a potluck. Most people expect to bring things anyway for the holiday, so why not make it a side dish or an appetizer?

Rest when you need to
When there is a feast involved, you can rely on at least someone to nap afterward. Take advantage of this and get some rest yourself. Even if people are just lounging on the couch and watching the football game, there will most likely be some down time for you to save up your energy.

In addition, don't hesitate to get some fresh air when you need it. It can get warm in the kitchen and if there are older adults attending, the heat may be on and a fire might be lit. You can even use the opportunity to grab a family member you haven't seen for awhile and go for a quick walk - it's also a great way to walk off a few of those carbohydrates you've been consuming all day. Chances are, others will want to do the same, allowing you to get some fresh air.

Do you have any recommendation for how to survive Thanksgiving while pregnant? Let our readers know by leaving your answers in the comments section!