Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally name their baby girl?

Ever since her pregnancy began, Kim Kardashian has been under the spotlight alongside baby daddy and boyfriend, Kanye West. Now, the two have finally welcomed their little bundle of joy, who was born almost a month early. Following immense speculation, many people believed that Kardashian and West would give their girl a "K" name, simply to fall in line with family tradition.

However, sources close to the couple say that their child's name is North. This, of course, means that the baby is cleverly named North West - could it get any cuter for the new Kardashian family member? Although Kardashian and West have yet to make an official statement, some people are already claiming this rumor is a fact. E! Online stated that the couple has already been calling the baby by a new nickname - Nori - as they head to Los Angeles to begin their lives together as a family.

"There's a great sense of relief," an insider told E! Online about Kardashian and the delivery. "Everyone is very happy for her, and Kim is relieved [because] this was a very stressful time."

Prior to the end of her pregnancy calendar, Kardashian stated that her boyfriend was more than happy to find out he's having a baby girl. Mommy herself claimed that she was extremely excited to be welcoming another female into the Kardashian clan.

What will you name your baby?
From the moment you find out you're expecting, you might want to start coming up with a list of potential baby names. However, it can be challenging to narrow it down to just one, especially with your partner, friends and family giving you suggestions. There are a few ways you can reduce the choices as you go along.

Some options you might want to consider are names that come from your own family. If you and your partner are having trouble agreeing, it may be in your best interests to keep your list short by looking to names that already exist in your lineage. Another way that you can select a name is by creating a list, then having a close friend or relative randomly choose one for the both of you.

How have you narrowed down your baby name list in the past? Do you have any tips for choosing a unique name? Leave your feedback in the comments section!