Does Santa Visit Your House?

Yes, absolutely! I was *very* good all year!
100% (3 votes)
Alas, no! I'm on the 'naughty' list. (Seriously no – we don't celebrate 'Santa'.)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3


"Santa" can be anyone, in my

"Santa" can be anyone, in my opinion, not just the guy in the jolly red suit -- who plays "Santa" in your house or does he really pay a visit?

We know Santa. After a whole

We know Santa. After a whole year of toy-building, a night filled with squeezing through chimneys (and in some homes making one first!), needless to say he's beat! As a way of appreciation my mom (now known as "Nana") has for years invited Mr. & Mrs. Claus to drop in for Christmas dinner with all our family. Most of the time, he goes home and changes first into more casual attire.

(We actually get to see them off and on throughout the year as well and consider them very dear friends.) The kids love that they know the REAL Santa. :) They especially love being able to hop on his lap to say "Thank you" for whatever they received! Santa has a great memory!