Don't be alarmed: Your post-baby body may be different

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton recently had a baby and proudly displayed her figure the next day - despite the fact that she was still sporting a fairly prominent baby bump. Middleton was shining a public light on something that many people already know, which is that your body will not snap back to the way it was right after you give birth.

WebMD spoke to Laura Riley, M.D., a high-risk-pregnancy expert from Massachusetts General Hospital and spokeswoman for the American Collage of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who explained that it's very rare to find a non-celebrity who has a perfect body soon after her baby, and it's important that women don't push themselves too hard too quickly.

Recently, The Huffington Post published an article offering some truths about post-pregnancy bodies that people don't often discuss. 

1. You may experience bladder problems
The news source explained that you may experience incontinence following your pregnancy, which is very common. This is why you should look into Kegel exercises - which involve tightening your pelvic muscles as though you're trying not to pee your pants. These exercises may help improve this issue. 

2. You'll likely sweat more
Your body produces and holds more fluid during your pregnancy, so after your baby is born, you may experience night sweats that will go away over time. 

3. Your breasts may leak
While you're likely expecting your breasts to leak some milk immediately after you give birth, what you may not realize is that this could happen for years. While this is normal, the news source recommended that you consult your doctor if your breasts leak for a long time just to ensure that the discharge is normal and not a sign of a health problem. 

4. You'll have bigger feet
Many women report that their feet swell during pregnancy. If this happened to you, you may find that swelling continues after you give birth, and they could even go up a size permanently. However, chances are this swelling will go down and you'll return to your normal shoe size after a few months. 

5. Your shape may change.
Your boobs, butt and hips may be shaped differently permanently following your pregnancy, according to The Huffington Post. 

"One of the things that many women don't realize is that even if they get back to their pre-pregnancy body weight, it'll be shaped differently," Staci Tanouye, M.D., an OBGYN with the Mayo Clinic, told the news source. "By the three-month mark, I hear from a lot women that they're feeling better physically and better about their bodies - and that they're feeling softer overall." 

6. You may lose some hair
Many women report that their hair is thicker and fuller during their pregnancy. This is because your hair actually grows differently during this time, but this will change after you give birth so you may find that you lose some of this excess hair. 

What body changes did you notice after you gave birth? How long did they last? Comment on them here!