Drew Barrymore admits to unusual pregnancy craving

When it comes to cravings, pregnant women take the cake - as well as the ice cream, pickles, potato chips and chocolate. Most women will admit to craving a funny food or two during their pregnancy, and as it turns out, celebs are no different. Drew Barrymore, who recently announced that she and husband Will Kopelman are expecting their second child together, recently confessed to her own strange pregnancy craving: Chinese food.

The actress, known for famous flicks such as "Charlie's Angels," "50 First Dates" and "Never Been Kissed," said at the second annual Baby2Baby gala this past Saturday in Los Angeles that she craved Chinese noodles most of all.

"I like specifically pan fried noodles," the actress told Us Weekly magazine. "I'm going to make a list of the best pan fried noodles in Los Angeles."

At least her cravings will serve the greater good!

Aside from her strange hankerings, Barrymore reported that the pregnancy is going well, and that she and Kopelman are doing all they can to prepare for their new arrival. Barrymore said that she finds pregnancy much more relaxed this time around, though she maintained that it isn't easy handling motherhood, pregnancy and her career all at the same time.

"You just always feel torn," the actress confessed to Us Weekly. "It's always a juggling act and a balancing act, but I think life is always there to teach you how to try to be as graceful as you can."

It's nice to know that celebs experience the same challenges - and whacky cravings - as the rest of us. What crazy cravings have you experienced during pregnancy? Let us know in the comments section!