Examining the best toys for newborns

Even before your pregnancy comes to an end, you'll be thinking about toys you can bring into your nursery to keep your child stimulated. These days, there are numerous items you can utilize to keep your infant happy, healthy and prepared to improve upon his or her motor skills. From the moment you announce your pregnancy, you'll likely begin receiving several toys for your child, but which items are best? Here are some of the most helpful and entertaining ones you can give to your son or daughter.

During the baby development period, many women try exposing their infants to music and sounds in the womb, but the real opportunity to do so arises once the child has been born. Now that your child is in your arms, you can give him or her toys to experience new sounds and noises. One of the best items you can provide to your infant is a rattle. As simple as the toy is, this little noise maker can do wonders for your newborn. Not only does it provide unique sounds to your baby for the first time, but it has a distinct feeling while being used.

Have you always envisioned your child growing up to be a renowned problem solver? If you want him or her to have the proper skills to resolve some of life's toughest issues, get your kid started with blocks! MSN claimed that blocks can be great tools for helping your newborn develop cognitive skills. If you're afraid of the items posing a safety hazard to your child (e.g., hard edges, corners), there are several soft, plush blocks that you can use to relieve your concerns.

Balls come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, making them a versatile toy suitable for children of all ages. Furthermore, these toys can potentially improve your little one's coordination when used frequently. If you're concerned about giving your child gender-oriented play items such as dolls or toy soldiers, balls can eliminate the problem altogether!

Teething rings
Teething rings are not only fun toys for babies, but they can help relieve the pain that comes with teething as well. Find one of these items in a bright color to provide your baby with stimulation and enhance sensory development.

"Toys should be geared toward sensory and motor development," author Michelle LaRowe told SheKnows. "Black and white and bright and bold-colored objects will interest your baby at this stage. Once baby begins to grab at objects or mouth them, textured toys are a great choice."

Musical instruments
Once your infant hits the six-month mark, you may want to consider giving him or her musical instrument toys to promote the development of muscles and spur creativity. Items that develop noise are also ideal when it comes to encouraging hand-eye coordination in your little one. Just be prepared for the racket that your little one is bound to make around the house!

While many people consider mobiles to be more of a decorative item, there are benefits to using them in your child's bedroom, according to Consumer Reports. A colorful mobile can help with your baby's sensory perception with its bright hues and various shapes. You'll be surprised at how intrigued your newborn is by the items hanging overhead!

You're likely going to receive numerous toys from friends and relatives from the moment your pregnancy calendar begins. Knowing which items are best for your infant can help you ensure he or she always has an ample amount of learning opportunities.

How have you narrowed down your collection of toys before? Do you know which items are most beneficial for your infant? Leave your feedback in the comments section!