Experts suggest more driving advice be given to pregnant women

Once pregnancy becomes a reality for women, they need to start taking their daily habits into consideration, one of which is driving. Many people believe that putting themselves in a motor vehicle in front of an air bag poses a threat to fetal development. In the event of an accident, the unborn child and mother-to-be can be instantly put in danger. However, new research suggests that many women are unaware of the actual hazards of getting into a car while expecting, according to The Atlantic.

Professor Hank Weiss of the University of Otago in New Zealand told the news source that it's extremely important for physicians to speak to their pregnant patients about driving. He stated that it's critical to address the action of driving as a matter of habit. The implications that come with operating a motor vehicle during pregnancy are that doing so can be as dangerous as smoking or drinking. 

"[Advice] is more effective if it comes from a healthcare provider," Weiss told the news source. "It should involve clinicians and direct counseling. It should be on the list of things that women are told to think about."

Weiss specified that he doesn't believe driving while pregnant is completely out of the question. However, he suggested that exercising precautionary measures, such as wearing a seatbelt, can reduce the risk of injury while operating a motor vehicle.

Can you safely drive while pregnant?
If you're concerned about safety throughout your pregnancy calendar as you travel via car, there are a few tactics you can use to ensure your health. Seatbelts can dramatically improve safety for pregnant women, according to ABC affiliate KABC-TV. The lap band of the belt should always be placed underneath the belly for the utmost efficiency. The shoulder harness can be placed between the breasts and across the body without pushing into the neck.

As an added precaution, many doctors recommend avoiding sitting for long periods in a car during pregnancy - up to two hours - to prevent blood clots. For comfort and more safety, think about pushing your seat back to create more space between you and your steering wheel. In the end, these tactics can give you some peace of mind.

How do you feel about driving while pregnant? Are there are any safety measures you take into account while traveling via motor vehicle? Leave your feedback in the comments section!