Get ready to pin the umbilical cord on the baby!

Amid the morning sickness and discomfort of a mommy-to-be's growing belly, there are some fun parts of pregnancy, like the baby shower! Traditionally, this event is hosted by a person close to the expectant mother who is not family. However, today, anyone except for the prospective parents can throw it. Here are some suggestions for anyone planning on putting one on.

Finger food is the way to go

Let's be honest, everyone likes to eat - and when people go to a party, they expect food. With baby showers, there is no reason to cook an elegant feast because it's not a holiday, but rather a social gathering where attendees can mingle and munch on snacks. Since it's not a sit down meal, try to make all finger food.

Many baby showers take place around lunchtime, so food can be light and healthy, followed by cake, of course. Just make sure that whatever you make is simple so that you don't spend all morning preparing and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for ingredients. Some easy lunch choices include pigs in a blanket, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip, baked ziti, tossed salad and mini sandwiches. When it comes to serving all the delicious treats, keep it easy and make up a buffet table.

Finally, for everyone's favorite dessert, the hostess can always make the cake if comfortable. If not, this might be something to splurge on and order from a bakery.


Don't feel like you have to go crazy with decorations. People will have fun regardless of whether the location is decked out in baby decor, which can add up and be more costly than you want. If you're going with a buffet table, purchase a themed tablecloth, a matching center piece and tableware. Put up some balloons and streamers, and you've got yourself a set up.

In addition, think about fun party favors. Martha Stewart has lots of suggestions for these. For instance, Jordan almonds, seasonal fresh and local fruit, chocolate (you can't go wrong with this!), or get a little creative and decorate any old brown lunch bag and fill it will whatever you'd like.

Games and activities

There's always a highlight to every event, and with some fun games, your guests will be laughing and having a great time from the get go.

A classic game that starts as soon as people arrive is Never say "Baby," which is where attendees get safety pins or clothespins on a string and every time they utter the word baby, they lose one. The person left with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. Another favorite is Guess Mom's Tummy Size, where guests can estimate how big the mom-to-be's belly is by guessing how long a piece of string has to be to wrap around her stomach. In addition, everyone loves a baby shower variation of pin the tail on the donkey. You can make it pin the umbilical cord on the baby, pin the sperm on the egg or any other fun scenario you can come up with.


It's tradition for guests to buy the expectant mom a gift, but the best part is that the honorees can get something fun, practical or both! Parents always appreciate diapers, but to add some sentiment to this gift, the buyer could write fun post-it-notes on each one. Also, you can never go wrong with cute clothes, shoes or hats.

Do you have any experience planning and hosting a baby shower? What are some helpful tips you can offer other women? Did you do anything that was particularly fun? Leave your answers in the comments section!