Ginnifer Goodwin announces pregnancy in time for the holidays

Holidays are a time for celebration, and at least one celeb will have something extra special to feel thankful for this Thanksgiving. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin announced last week that she is expecting her first child. According to reports, Goodwin and fiance Josh Dallas couldn't be happier about the pregnancy!

What makes this story extra sweet is that Goodwin and Dallas are costars and love interests on ABC's hit show "Once Upon a Time," which airs on Sunday nights. Goodwin plays the role of Snow White, an able heroine with a heart of gold, while Dallas stars opposite as her Prince Charming in one of the most epic love stories on primetime.

Goodwin, 35, and Dallas, 31, met on the set of the show. Both had recently ended serious relationships, Goodwin having terminated an engagement with actor Joey Kern and Dallas having just split from his four-year marriage with actress Lara Pulver. The two dated in secret before going public with their relationship in April 2012. The couple was engaged just this October.

Dallas said he was immediately taken with Goodwin, and had no doubts as to where this relationship would lead. "It hit me like a blinding light," the British actor told Life & Style magazine. "I thought, 'I'm in trouble now.'"

Goodwin, who's also known for her starring role in the hit movie "He's Just Not That Into You," is just as pleased, and can't wait to start a family with Dallas. She said she isn't worried what effect this will have on her career - many actresses have done the same!

"The only issue I have with aging is nothing to do with my career," she told the news source. "It's that I want to have a lot of kids before I'm physically unable to do so."

It looks like she's about to get her chance! This is the first pregnancy for both Goodwin and Dallas. The couple is excited to begin their family, and are sure to have a wonderfully romantic story to tell their children about how they met and fell in love.

Talk about happily ever after! Are you excited to hear about the Hollywood couple's fairytale ending? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!