Gymnast Shannon Miller confirms second pregnancy

For some women, being able to conceive and experience pregnancy is a blessing, especially after overcoming health complications. One woman who can vouch for this is Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller. Just two years ago, it was discovered that Miller had a rare form of ovarian cancer. Now, she has defied the odds and will be expecting her second child this summer, according to FOX News.

Miller already has a three-year-old son with husband John Falconetti. However, her diagnosis led her to believe that pregnancy was going to be a challenge, even after completing treatment. After going through surgery and chemotherapy, Miller is now cancer-free and expecting another little bundle of joy.

Experiencing a second pregnancy
You may know a thing or two about pregnancy symptoms at this point in your life, but there's no such thing as being too prepared for another family member. In fact, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you and your partner know what to expect as you go through this experience for a second time.

First, the most obvious obstacle is going to be the little one you already have running around the house. Whether your first child is just taking his first steps or he's well into his toddler years, it can be quite the balancing act to maintain your parenting responsibilities while expecting.

That being said, it's worth making comfort and relaxation a priority this time around throughout your pregnancy calendar. You're likely going to become more fatigued than you were during your first round as you care for another child. Don't hesitate to ask your partner, friends and family for help whenever you're feeling wiped out.

Next, make it a point to participate in activities you enjoy while you're pregnant. This might mean signing up for a yoga class or taking up a crafting hobby to help you keep boredom at bay once you enter your third trimester.

Finally, talk to your primary care physician about any questions you may have pertaining to your second pregnancy and how much your body can handle, especially if it has only been a few months since your last delivery. A medical expert can help you find out how to stay safe and healthy during your nine months of baby development.

How did you get through the symptoms of your first pregnancy? How have you prepared for another pregnancy in the past? Leave your feedback in the comments section!