Hilaria Baldwin shares yoga wisdom for pregnant moms

Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec Baldwin, is sharing her newly gleaned wisdom with other recent and expecting mothers. Baldwin, who gave birth to a baby girl, Carmen, last August, is a big proponent of yoga and the effects it can have on the body and mind of mothers, both during and after pregnancy.

Baldwin, a long-time yoga advocate, is co-founder of Yoga Vida, a yoga studio in New York City, where she also serves as an instructor. Using her prior knowledge of the strengthening and restorative powers of yoga, Baldwin said her pregnancy inspired her to create a routine that pregnant women everywhere could benefit from and enjoy. She created her first pregnancy exercise DVD titled "Fit Mommy-to-Be: Prenatal Yoga," in which she starred as the yoga model and hubby Alec even made a cameo appearance!

The prenatal yoga DVD includes three separate workouts - one for women in their first, second and third trimesters. Baldwin has tailored each to respond to the specific challenges and strengthening needs of these three stages of pregnancy.

"[The program] I've designed helped keep me fit and feeling great throughout my pregnancy," Baldwin said about the routines, according to People magazine. She's hoping her yogi wisdom will help other new moms experience the same.

Many new moms-to-be turn to yoga for the perfect prenatal workout, as it helps build the strength needed for a healthy delivery and is gentle on the body. It can also help work out the kinks and pains often associated with pregnancy.

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