Holly Madison experiences morning sickness late in pregnancy

Most people already know that one of the most trying symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. As The Mayo Clinic states that there's no defined cause for morning sickness, but experts believe it might have something to do with the changing hormones in a woman's body after she conceives.

One celebrity who can now vouch for the intensity and hardships of this side is reality television star Holly Madison. Recently, the mom-to-be began experiencing extreme nausea and couldn't stop vomiting. She became incredibly worried because these symptoms didn't begin to show themselves until after her first trimester, which is when many women experience morning sickness.

"When [the morning sickness] started happening really late [in the pregnancy] and I was really vomiting a lot during the day, it freaked me out," Madison told Entertainment Tonight. "I was told to go to the doctor and get an IV and everything. So, that was kind of scary to me just because it seemed like something so unusual ... but everything's O.K. so far, so that's good."

While this might have you on the edge about your pregnancy, there are a few ways you can combat the symptoms of morning sickness in the comfort of your own home. Prenatal vitamins and ginger-based foods are believed to quell some of the nausea mothers-to-be feel during the nine months of baby development.

Another way to control morning sickness is to pay attention to what triggers your nausea - it may be a certain type of food or beverage. Try to get a breath of fresh air when you feel symptoms coming on and keep yourself hydrated. These tips can help you stay comfortable during your pregnancy.

Have you experienced extreme morning sickness? What did you do to quell your symptoms? Leave your feedback in the comments section!