How to avoid relationship conflict following your baby's birth

Pregnancy and immediately after can be a difficult time for not just you, but your spouse as well. Whether your pregnancy was planned or not, it can still put added stress on your relationship. For example, AboutKidsHealth, the website for the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada, states that having a new baby in the house can challenge even the best of relationships. However, you want to make sure to deal with that strain as soon as you can.

Researchers from Auburn University and the Catholic University of America found that marital conflict places a great deal of stress on young children, and may even hurt their problem-solving abilities. Because of this, you should be prepared for the possibility of experiencing some relationship troubles after your baby is born, so you and your partner can tackle them head-on before they get out of hand.

Explain what you're going through - One of the best things you can do to avoid experiencing serious relationship issues following the birth of your baby is to be honest with your partner about what you're feeling. For example, AboutKidsHealth explains that new mothers can be overwhelmed by their changing role in life, and this can be frightening. If you're feeling this, then talk to your partner about it rather than expecting them to be mind readers and taking it out on them in other ways.

Tell your partner about your new schedule - If you're taking time off work to care for your baby, or if you've always been a homemaker, your partner may have unrealistic expectations for what will happen when he or she gets home at the end of the day. Taking care of a baby is a full-time job in itself, and even though you're not heading to the office doesn't mean that you will have time to have dinner on the table by 6 p.m. or all the laundry completed. Explain what it's like taking care of the baby all day, so that your partner can understand how stressful it is, even if he or she is not home to witness it.

Understand what your partner is feeling - It's not just new mothers that go through stress following a pregnancy, but their partners as well. Your partner may be feeling left out and isolated as you devote so much of your time and energy to the new baby. This is why you should make sure to encourage your partner to spend as much time with the baby as possible, so he or she can get a chance to bond as well. Also, ask your partner how he or she is feeling and if he or she is experiencing any of his or her own anxiety - chances are your partner will be happy you asked.

Get in some couple time - While the thought of leaving your baby for even a moment may seem really tough right after he or she is born, you don't want to make things all about the baby. Instead, you should try to find the time for you and your partner to spend moments by yourself. Call in someone who you trust to watch the baby for even just an hour or half-hour so you can spend some time talking, or even just napping together without having to worry about the baby crying or interrupting you.

In the end, communication is key. Letting things bottle up inside s sure to cause a fight between you and the person you love, so be sure to be honest with your partner.

Did you experience any relationship problems once your baby was born? How did you and your partner overcome them? Comment here!