How to find the perfect nanny for your child

After a nine-month pregnancy and taking precautionary measures to ensure your baby is safe, you're going to want to carry out these actions once he or she is born. Once your maternity leave is over, you may need to seek a nanny to help you take care of your little one while you're at work, but how do you choose the right person for the job? You're going to want to recruit an individual with experience as well as the ability to nurture a child of a young age. Here are some tips for choosing a nanny that you and your family will love.

Do your homework
As you go through your resources to hunt down the perfect nanny, you'll want to take your time doing research to find someone who caters to your preferences. Along the way, you'll also learn more about your desires and what you personally want to see in a professional. This may be extensive experience in changing diapers or an abundance of energy to play throughout the day. Don't forget to utilize all the resources available to you as well - the internet, community boards and family members who have kids of their own.

Ask for references
Your best sources of information may be your own friends and fellow moms. Think of asking your close pals for insight into the nanny hunt, and see if they have anyone to recommend as you continue searching for the perfect one. A great advantage of inquiring within your friends is that they are trusted sources who can give you honest information. They can also confirm anything you may have heard about potential nannies before you narrow down your selection.

Advertise accordingly
If you're too busy to do an ample amount of research beforehand, think about creating a listing specifying what you're looking for in a nanny. Looking for someone sooner rather than later? Get the word out by posting your ad on everything from the World Wide Web to local bulletin boards. Ask your friends to inform everyone they know as well to get a good return on your efforts. You'll be on your way to hiring a nanny in no time!

Screen your candidates
Screening your candidates beforehand is an efficient way to make a final decision and find peace of mind, according to TLC. Keep in mind that your potential nannies might not know the ins and outs of the pregnancy calendar, but they likely have an ample amount of experience to help you now that your baby has arrived. Go with your gut when you're interviewing potential candidates - nothing compares to a mother's intuition. If an individual is extremely qualified, but she rubs you the wrong way, don't feel obligated to hire her, especially if you wouldn't be comfortable with her around your child.

Consider special certification and training
When hiring a nanny, it's not required to bring in someone who knows CPR or has certification in resuscitation  However, you may want to bring an individual in with these qualifications to give yourself additional peace of mind. Remember that these candidates may expect you to pay more for their services, but it may be money well spent if it gives you comfort when you leave your child in the person's care. More experience means higher wages for caretakers.{this is a very general statement, i don't think it's necessary.

How have you selected a nanny after your pregnancy came to an end? Do you have any tips for narrowing down your options once you have candidates lined up? Leave your tips in the comments section!