Humans feel the urge to 'nest,' similar to birds

What would you do if your pregnancy was compared to that of a bird? This is what researchers are looking at as more women express the urge to clean and prepare their households for their little ones, according to Independent Online.

Scientists from Canada have concluded that the nesting instinct that birds have may be somehow related to the feelings that women experience throughout the pregnancy calendar. Specifically, experts believe that biology may be to blame for the nit-pickiness that females exert as they prepare for their unborn children. Birds spend an ample amount of time on their nests to provide a safe environment for their youngsters once they're born - it seems that humans do the same.

"Nesting is not a frivolous activity," the authors wrote in their study. "It ties us to our ancestral past. Human infants are extremely vulnerable and infant care is all-consuming during the early post-partum period. A safe environment must be built during pregnancy; there is no time during the early post-partum period."

The researchers went on to say that females aren't entirely motivated by stereotypes and pressure from society to prepare their homes for infants, as previously thought. Women appear to simply desire a space where they can keep their babies protected and comfortable once they arrive.

Preparing your nursery
As soon as you find out you're expecting, you're likely going to start shopping for everything from a hanging mobile to a crib for your little one. However, there are a few tips you should take into consideration to make sure your nursery is as functional as it is beautiful.

Don't forget about the essentials - a crib and changing table should be at the top of your list. For those late-night feedings, you might also want to invest in a comfortable chair for the corner of the room. 

As you begin to experience nausea and morning sickness, you may not be eager to start decorating - this is completely acceptable! Many moms wait until the second trimester to do so, which you may want to do if the first trimester is a struggle for you. Talk to your friends and fellow moms about which items are necessities for your nursery!

When did you begin planning your baby's nursery? Did you feel an instinctual urge to provide a safe environment for your infant? Leave your feedback in the comments section!