Infants may recognize parental arguments

During pregnancy, moms put an ample amount of effort into ensuring healthy fetal development and preparing their unborn children for life outside of the womb. However, there's plenty that needs to be done once the baby arrives home to create a positive atmosphere conducive to growing and learning. 

The first few months after the arrival of the child are usually hectic for couples as they try to adjust to life with a baby. This might translate into arguments, which are not perceived as a big deal to parents. However, infants understand more than parents might realize, despite their inability to speak. 

Psychologists Alice Graham, Philip Fisher and Jennifer Pfeifer recently decided to gauge the influence of arguments on infants, according to NPR. They did so by placing babies through brain scanners and examining the waves in their minds when exposed to various tones of voice. Results showed that infants had spikes in brain activity while sleeping when angry tones of voice were played around them.

Being cautious while arguing
Arguments are bound to happen, and taking them behind closed doors doesn't necessarily mean that your kids won't notice, according to ABC News. For this reason, it's better to learn how to fight fairly rather than try to eliminate the possibility of arguing altogether. This means knowing how to keep your emotions in check and calm down when you're reaching your boiling point. Additionally, focus on ways to resolve your tension when it comes to a head. For instance, don't storm out on your partner and leave the situation hanging. Apologize - ideally in front of your children - and show them that not all disagreements have to end on a sour note. 

How have you dealt with arguments with your partner in the past? Do you try to save your fighting for when the kids aren't around? Leave your feedback in the comments section!