Is Beyonce expecting baby No. 2?

One woman who can't seem to get out of the tabloids is Beyonce, whether it's for her over-the-top world tour or her vacations to Cuba with hubby Jay-Z. Now, the songstress is making headlines again, but it has nothing to do with her music career - many sources say that Beyonce is expecting! During her first pregnancy, the media couldn't get enough of Beyonce and Jay-Z's little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy. Now, rumors are circulating that one isn't enough for the couple. 

Beyonce is currently on a tour around the world, which leaves many to wonder if the rumors are true. With her busy schedule, it's hard to imagine her coping with first trimester symptoms, such as morning sickness. There has been no official statement released on the matter by Jay-Z or his illustrious wife, but People magazine spoke to a source that says baby No. 2 is definitely in the works.

"Beyonce and Jay are planning for another baby after her tour is over and things calm down just a bit," the source told the magazine.

The singer also hasn't been shy about wanting a large family, showing her overwhelming joy of being a parent in multiple interviews following the birth of her first daughter. However, Beyonce didn't give a specific timetable as to when she wants to get back to baby-making.

"I would like more children," Beyonce said on "Good Morning America." "I think my daughter needs some company ... at some point, when it's supposed to happen."

Can you handle a second child?
For a couple like Jay-Z and Beyonce, money is no object. However, you might be in a completely different boat if you want to have a second baby of your own! Your finances are just one of the many factors you'll need to consider before having another child.

In addition to ensuring that you're financially stable, you and your partner will need to make sure that you have the time and energy to devote to a second baby, especially if you have a toddler running around at home. If not, it will be necessary for you to seek childcare or a nanny service to help you handle the responsibilities of having a growing family.

How have you planned ahead for baby No. 2 in the past? Do you have any tips for parents trying for their second child? Leave your feedback in the comments section!