Is Hilaria Thomas pregnant with Alex Baldwin's child?

Alec Baldwin may be open, honest and comical in his television and commercial roles, however, the actor is renowned for being relatively hush about his private life when he's not on camera. Now that rumors are swirling that his new wife, Hilaria Thomas, may be pregnant with the two's first child, Baldwin is staying mum. However, if the word on the street is true, this pregnancy is coming less than one year after the couple tied the knot.

"Our response to baby speculation over the past 18 months has remained the same - when/if @abfalecbaldwin and @Hilariabaldwin have news they want to share, they will share it," Baldwin's representative posted on Twitter. "Until then, we have no comment."

One source who chose to remain anonymous told the E! News that Thomas has only made note of her pregnancy to close friends and family. If the rumors are true, the yoga instructor is likely still in the first trimester of pregnancy - baby bump isn't showing just yet.

Concealing your baby bump
If you're trying to keep your pregnancy a secret and save it as a surprise for your loved ones, you'll need to get creative. While you may not have a problem in the beginning of your pregnancy calendar, as time goes on, you'll certainly start to show - so what can you do to hide your little one?

Discovery Health recommends wearing Spanx or another shape-concealing undergarment if you're trying to keep it a secret. While this might not be at the top of your list of items to wear as you experience nausea and morning sickness, it may be necessary for concealment.

Another tactic you may want to use is to layer your clothing. Consider adding a few sweaters and cardigans to your wardrobe to mask your appearance until you're ready to share the news with your family and friends.

Lastly, Best Health Magazine recommends staying on top of your exercise routine. Speak to your physician if you're unsure of which workouts are suitable for you during your pregnancy. Physical activity can keep both you and your baby healthy. Many expectant mothers are able to participate in everything from yoga to speed walking while pregnant.

How have you hidden your baby bump in the past? How did you announce your pregnancy to your loved ones? Leave your feedback in the comments section!