Is it a boy or a girl? 10 ways to guess your baby's gender

It's one of the most exciting questions of your pregnancy: Will you be having a boy or a girl? The only way to definitively know the gender of your baby is through an ultrasound, but old wives have been making gender guesses for centuries based on a host of wacky criteria. If you'd like to have a little fun by applying some of these methods to your own guessing game, read up on the following tried-but-not-so-true ways to tell if you're expecting a baby girl or a baby boy.

1. Food cravings: Many people believe that specific food cravings may be more than a sign of what your body's craving. Those who are craving sweet foods and flavors are said to be carrying a girl, while those seeking salty snacks are carrying a boy. Citrus cravings are said to signify a girl babe as well.

2. A sudden lack of grace: Do you seem to be stumbling and bumbling around much more than usual? It may be more than just your big belly throwing off your equilibrium. Those carrying baby boys are said to start showing more signs of clumsiness during pregnancy.

3. More nausea than necessary: Does it seem like your morning sickness is coming on a little strong? Some say that means you're having a little girl. Conversely, if you're sailing through the early stages without much trouble, you may be having a boy.

4. Adolescent-like acne: Is your skin breaking out like it did in junior high? These hormonal shifts are common, and may just be a sign you're carrying a baby girl.

5. As the pendulum swings: Perhaps one of the most popular of the old wives' tales, this one involves swinging a pendulum over the belly to determine the sex of your baby. If the chain swings back and forth, you can expect a boy. If it swings in a circle, expect a baby girl. Bonus points for using your wedding ring at the end of a string as the pendulum!

6. High or low: Another widespread country tale, those who are carrying high are ripe with a baby girl, while those carrying low are brewing a baby boy.

7. Up top or 'round the middle: Similar to the last, this one has to do with your baby belly. If you're carrying your baby weight in the front, you can expect a bouncing boy. If you're carrying it around the middle, it's a giggling girl.

8. A measured heartbeat: This one might actually have a bit of science around it, though it can be hard to determine without the help of a doctor (or at least a stethoscope). If your baby's heartbeat beats 140 times per minute or less, it's a girl. If it beats 150 or more, it's a boy.

9. Mood swings: Is it any surprise? Those said to be experiencing more than the usual amount of pregnancy mood swings are assumed to be pregnant with a baby girl.

10. Eating for two (or more!): Again, no surprises here! If you're craving more than your recommended intake of food, you're harboring a growing boy, so to speak. This one may also have a kernel of truth, as boys tend to weigh more than girls at birth.

Have you ever indulged in a few of these folk practices to see whether you're expecting a baby boy or baby girl? Let us know your own favorite old wives' tales in the comments section!