Is Jennifer Hudson planning for second child?

When she isn't singing or acting, it seems that Jennifer Hudson spends her time dreaming of babies. Recently, Hudson opened up to E! Online, stating that she would like to give her existing children a sibling, preferably a girl.

"I definitely want another baby," Hudson told the news source. "I want a little girl so bad and every day [David Jr.] reminds me, ‘Mommy I want a baby sister. I want a baby sister.'"

Her son, David Jr., is 3 years old. Hudson added that once his fourth birthday comes, she'll be thinking about another pregnancy.

Planning for a second child
After going through some rough first trimester symptoms and a long delivery, many women choose to put off having another baby for quite some time after the initial one. However, this doesn't mean that you can't start thinking about it, especially if your child is itching for a sibling!

Prior to diving into the baby making process, there are a few factors you'll need to consider. The biggest one is your well-being - are you strong and healthy enough to go through the nine months again at this point in your life? Once you've answered that question, you and your partner will need to examine your finances. Do you make enough money to support two children without any problems?

Finally, think about the impact another child will have on your lifestyle and relationship. Do you have the energy to run around after two children as opposed to one? Are you and your partner ready to have another family member to take care of? If you have defined answers to these questions, you may be prepared for another little bundle of joy!

How have you planned a second pregnancy in the past? Do you have any advice to parents of one? Leave your feedback in the comments section!