Is Kate Middleton already planning for a second child?

Kate Middleton has more than just publicity events to worry about these days. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she's been engulfed in baby planning with Prince William. While she's been relatively hush-hush on everything from the child's gender to its name, Middleton has recently opened up about the responsibilities she's been tackling, according to OK! Magazine.

"We have a short list [of names] for both [a boy and a girl], but it's very difficult," Middleton said, according to the source. "My friends keep texting me names!"

She has until mid-July - her presumed due date - to decide on a name, as well as everything from nursery colors to strollers. Middleton recently let the word slip while at a charity event in Scotland. However, it's what the Duchess of Cambridge's close pals are saying that have the media buzzing!

A friend recently told OK! Magazine that Prince William and Middleton are planning for baby No. 2. The source told the magazine that she would ideally like to be pregnant again by early next year. The rumors have not been confirmed, but would it be surprising that the couple wants their upcoming child to have a sibling?

"Both she and Prince William think it would be fantastic to get pregnant again as soon as possible," Middleton's friend told the news source.

Are you ready for more kids?
If the rumors are true, Middleton isn't the only woman to have babies on the brain right after starting a family. Many women become infatuated with the idea of having numerous children and giving their firstborn some siblings. However, there are many factors to consider before getting back to baby-making.

First, you'll need to consider if your lifestyle caters to having a second child. This means calculating your finances, as well as determining if you have enough time to dedicate to taking care of two children. Kids need plenty of love and attention! Next, you'll want to speak to your primary care physician about your health and whether your body can ensure healthy fetal development. Finally, sit down with your partner and jot down the pros and cons to having another child at this point in your lives. Seeing them in front of you can help you make the right decision.

How have you planned for a second child in the past? Do you think it's best to give your firstborn siblings? Leave your feedback in the comments section!