Is Kate Middleton expecting a baby girl?

Some parents prefer to keep the gender of their unborn child a secret right up until the end of the pregnancy, and Kate Middleton is one of them. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is expected to give birth to her first child in July, has been mum since her first trimester on everything from baby names to gender. However, some spectators believe that Middleton accidentally let the world know the sex of her infant in the middle of a public appearance.

Commoner and onlooker Lisa Hewson was recently video taping Middleton while receiving a teddy bear from a child. While on camera, the Duchess was caught saying, "Thank you, I will take that for my d…" Presumably, the public assumed that Middleton was on the verge of saying the word "daughter."

The gender of the child has yet to be revealed, and Middleton herself allegedly has no idea whether her baby will be a boy or girl. However, this new evidence has Royal family gossipers assuming that a little girl is certainly on the way. Following the reveal of Hewson's footage, newspapers in London confirmed the rumors as fact, although nothing has been validated thus far.

Determining the gender of your unborn child
Chances are, you and your partner are already dreaming of all of the possibilities that come with having a boy or a girl. However, you might not be able to find out the gender of your baby until later in your pregnancy calendar. Specifically, the 20-week mark is around the time that an ultrasound may be able to reveal the sex of your child. That being said, don't get your hopes up - the position of your baby in the womb may make it too difficult for a determination to be made by your physician.

Many people believe in old wives' tales when it comes to gender. For instance, carrying low is thought to indicate a baby boy, while moodiness is believed to hint at a little girl. However, it's worth noting that these beliefs are not accurate ways to determine the sex of an unborn child. The most efficient method is an ultrasound, which will only be able to draw conclusions later in your pregnancy.

How have you verified the gender of your baby in the past? Do you prefer to keep it a secret? Leave your feedback in the comments section!