Is Kate Middleton using cocoa butter for stretch marks?

One woman who can't seem to keep her personal life out of the media is Kate Middleton, and royal fans have been more enthusiastic than ever now that she's expecting. Everything from Middleton's pregnancy clothing to her severe first trimester symptoms have been highly publicized. Now, it seems like her nightly routine with Prince William is making its way into the headlines as well.

Rumors say that Middleton, who is inching closer to her July due date, applies cocoa butter all over her body to prevent unsightly stretch marks from developing. As her body continues expanding to accommodate the royal heir, Middleton is allegedly concerned about how she'll look post-pregnancy.

"Every night before going to bed, William rubs cocoa butter and vitamin E all over pregnant wife Kate's stomach and breasts," an anonymous source told the National Enquirer. "Their nightly routine supposedly prevents stretch marks, it's very soothing."

Middleton also allegedly jokes that her husband's fans and friends will be able to enjoy the results of the cocoa butter as well when they shake his hand. Cocoa butter is renowned for its moisturizing properties, making it ideal for everything from dry skin to sunburns.

Preventing stretch marks
Stretch marks aren't just problems for royalty - they're a nuisance to all women who go through pregnancy. However, taking on extra weight is a standard part of any pregnancy calendar, and it just so happens that these bodily changes have a lasting effect on the skin. Some women develop more noticeable marks than others due to babies of a larger size or an extensive amount of amniotic fluid. These are factors that can't be prevented or expected ahead of time.

One way that expectant mothers can reduce their chances of developing stretch marks is by paying attention to the weight they gain during pregnancy, according to Discovery Health. Ideally, pregnant women should average about 25 to 35 extra pounds while expecting. Any more than this can cause the body to expand more, raising the risk of marks. Staying hydrated and moisturizing the skin can potentially increase its elasticity, which might decrease the chances of developing stretch marks during pregnancy. In the end, this difficult bodily change often becomes one that many women simply have to welcome along with motherhood.

Have you been able to avoid stretch marks after pregnancy in the past? How do you keep your skin supple and hydrated? Leave your feedback in the comments section!