Is Kate Middleton working on baby No. 2?

After enduring extensive pregnancy symptoms such as severe morning sickness, one would have to think that Kate Middleton wants a break from child bearing. However, new rumors claim that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are well on their way to focusing on a second pregnancy. This comes shortly after the summer arrival of their first son, George.

The tabloids have been reporting that Middleton and her husband have two nurseries in their new home - not just one - despite only having one child. For this reason, many people believe that the couple are ready to start working on a little sibling for George!

A royal palace insider told Hollywood Life that the second nursery is meant to be a playroom for George once he's older. The 57-room apartment that the couple had created undoubtedly has room for a new baby whenever they're ready to expand their family. Perhaps this is why people who're close to Middleton and Prince William believe that now is the right time to begin trying for a second baby.

"William and Kate are very keen to start trying for baby No. 2," an insider told Life & Style magazine. "They'd be thrilled if Kate were pregnant by Christmas. William and Kate will be splitting their time during the holidays with Kate's family and the queen in Sandringham House in Norfolk, so it would be the perfect moment for an announcement."

There is no official word on whether any of these pregnancy rumors are true. So far, it seems as if Middleton and Prince William are simply enjoying their downtime as parents and getting used to having a little bundle of joy around.

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