Is Kelly Clarkson pregnant?

It's more than understandable that celebrities want to avoid announcing a pregnancy too early or in the wrong way, but sometimes the suspense is just too much for the eager-to-know public. That may be the case with singer Kelly Clarkson, who's been effectively dodging the "Are you pregnant?" question lately - although fans can hold out hope that the star will be providing more concrete news in the not-too-distant future.

Us Weekly magazine recently reported that the 31-year-old pop singer revealed to Jay Leno in an appearance on "The Tonight Show" that she and new husband Brandon Blackstock are working hard to get pregnant

"[We want a baby] like now! Practice makes perfect! ... We're trying, trying, trying," Clarkson told Leno, according to the news source. "Like rabbits," she went on to say.

However, when Leno asked Clarkson if she was pregnant at that moment, she adopted a joking air of outrage at the question rather than answering directly, Us Weekly reported. Afterward, she insisted that she and Blackstock didn't intend to make any official announcement at that time. The singer credited her husband's 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son with inspiring her to have kids.

"They're so great. And I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five," she told Leno, according to Us Weekly.

Seth and Savannah, whom Blackstock fathered during his first marriage, have made Clarkson start to reevaluate her priorities.

"I'm kind of selfish with my career," the star told a radio interviewer recently, according to the New York Daily News. Taking the kids to their soccer games and helping them out with their homework, however, has given Clarkson a lot of joy and made her committed to motherhood.

Of course, if Clarkson is indeed pregnant, she's certainly still in her first trimester, as her figure showed no signs that she was carrying a baby during her Leno appearance.

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