Is Kim Kardashian pregnant again?

This week, OK! Magazine dropped a bombshell when it reported that Kim Kardashian, 32, was once again pregnant, again by boyfriend Kanye West, 36. Kardashian recently gave birth to the couple's first child, North, over the summer and had been struggling to recover from the birth and get her body back in shape.

Rumor has it that, this time, West wants a son to continue his legacy, according to The source noted that while West is a proud papa and very happy with his new daughter, he still wants a son to inherit the empire he's built in the music industry. The source also reported that Kanye wants Kardashian pregnant again, and the sooner the better.

However, while this report might seem in line with West's often-grandiose mannerisms, an immediate second pregnancy for Kardashian seems unlikely. All summer, news source after news source reported the toll that both the pregnancy itself and the birth had taken on her body as well as her state of mind. Some believe it more likely that Kardashian will wait a bit before trying again for a son - but that she does already think about having more children.

According to Beauty World News, a source close to the couple said, "Kim is already talking about having another baby. She wants her children to be close in age, and she would love for baby North to have a little brother or sister."

But that doesn't mean she's ready to jump back into the fire! For now, many believe that the OK! Magazine report is baseless speculation, or just plain old rumor mongering. Fans seem to feel that Kim K deserves a rest, and a chance to focus on being a new mommy!

Do you believe the news about Kim and Kanye's new pregnancy, or do you think it's all a bunch of baloney? Let us know your thoughts about this surprising story in the comments section!