Is pregnant Kim Kardashian dealing with too much stress?

One woman who hasn't been shy about her pregnancy is reality star Kim Kardashian. Earlier this year, she confirmed that she's carrying boyfriend and rapper Kanye West's child, and the paparazzi have been keeping a close eye on the couple ever since. 

Although Kardashian's baby bump isn't showing just yet, she recently decided to take to the streets in Beverly Hills wearing a black see-through romper, according to The Daily Mail. Kardashian isn't far enough along in the pregnancy calendar to flaunt a big belly, but one can only assume that this moment will soon come!

Kardashian is still in the middle of finalizing her divorce from basketball player, Kris Humprhies. Her mother, Kris Jenner, recently said on "The View" that her daughter been under an ample amount of stress.

"She had a bad week," Jenner said on the daytime talk show. "The doctors told her the stress is going to be a problem [with pregnancy]."

The reality star, who is still early into her pregnancy, luckily has a bit of time to learn how to relax and take care of her unborn child.

Stress, pregnancy and its consequences
Kardashian isn't the first woman to experience stress while pregnant. In the midst of choosing baby names and decorating a nursery, all moms are susceptible to feeling a little anxiety during their nine months. However, excessive stress may cause the unborn child to eventually have attention difficulties and learning challenges later in life.

Moms-to-be who want to reduce the chances of this becoming a problem should try to get plenty of rest while expecting. Learning to ask for help and take a step back from stressful situations can also help pregnant women eliminate these feelings. 

How have you combated stress while pregnant in the past? Do you have any special tactics for relaxing and unwinding? Leave your feedback in the comments section!