Josh Duhamel opens up about becoming a father

Now that Fergie, the lead singer for the Black Eyed Peas, has confirmed her pregnancy, reporters have been trying to get information from her and her hubby on the big news. Josh Duhamel, who's about to become a dad at 40, recently opened up about his relationship with Fergie and the implications that pregnancy has on their lives.

"It's very exciting," Duhamel told Us Weekly. "Seeing that ultrasound is unlike anything you've ever seen. Unless you've had one yourself. You're like, 'Wow, it's mine.'"

In addition, Duhamel stated that he has plenty to learn about fatherhood before the pregnancy calendar comes to an end. While rumors have been swirling about the singer being pregnant, Fergie did not confirm the news until Feb. 18 when she went to Twitter to give the word.

Preparing for fatherhood
Just as Duhamel said, there's an ample amount of preparation that needs to go into being a father before the infant arrives. Similar to motherhood, fatherhood can come with its fair share of stress. That being said, it isn't impossible to handle parenting duties without building up anxiety over time.

The Mayo Clinic claims that new responsibilities and limited paternity leave  can become a burden. However, individuals can eliminate this by exercising patience and staying engaged in parental duties, according to Psych Central. Talking through any stress can also keep it from turning problematic in the future.

Don't leave hang partner out to dry - work together as a team to take care of your little one and you'll notice significantly less stress. In addition, you'll be in better positions to be great parents.

How have you helped your spouse ease into fatherhood? Does he have any strategies for calming his nerves? Leave your feedback in the comments section!