Kate Middleton allegedly doing yoga to stay fit

Since she announced her pregnancy, Kate Middleton has been in the news for everything from her maternity wear to her extreme morning sickness. Now, the rest of the world is taking notes on the Duchess of Cambridge's fitness routine as rumors emerge about what she has been doing to stay in shape.

An anonymous source told Us Weekly that Middleton has been reading numerous books and brushing up on her parenting knowledge to ensure that she's fit for her child. Typically, Middleton participates in high intensity cardio workouts. However, she has allegedly switched to prenatal yoga to maintain healthy fetal development and stay in shape. Sources have also reported that the Duchess has a personal instructor who's willing to make house calls at the royal palace - how convenient!

Working out while pregnant
Just because you aren't in the public eye like Middleton doesn't mean that you don't want to look your best! There are many ways that you can easily get your fill of physical activity without negatively impacting your unborn child. First, talk to your doctor about which exercises are safe for you throughout your pregnancy. An expert can tell you what to avoid depending on how far along you are. Next, consider light jogging or speed walking for some cardio. Prenatal yoga can also benefit you just as it does Middleton! 

Finally, think about signing up for classes in your community. Many exercise programs are specifically dedicated to pregnant women. Remember to listen to your body while working out to make sure you aren't pushing yourself too hard. Stay hydrated, stretch beforehand, and you'll be ready to go!

How have you stayed fit while pregnant in the past? Do you have any favorite prenatal exercises? Leave your feedback in the comments section!


Submitted by susievet on

I did loads of exercise all the way through pregnancy. There is no need to switch from cardio workouts to yoga like Kate is allegedly doing! Nor is there a requirement to switch to swimming or easy jogging like some reccomend. The pregnant body is able for alot more then that!
I did alot of cardio work, weights and core work and it worked out really well. Healthy baby and sane mother at the end! Only piece of advice that you need to know is "listen to your body"- that is the best guide anyone can have while exercising during pregnancy.