Kate Middleton allegedly has emergency plan in place

Ever since her pregnancy was confirmed in December, Kate Middleton has been in the limelight as the world anxiously awaits for the royal baby. With her due date slated for July, Middleton has been making final preparations for her child-to-be with Prince William. Part of the process has been to create an emergency plan for the delivery, assuming the baby happens to come early, according to Hollywood Life.

Throughout the pregnancy calendar, Middleton has been diligent about planning where her child will be delivered. Her doctor is located in London, but the Duchess of Cambridge has been trying to stay close to her working husband in Anglesey, which is 300 miles away from her physician. To cope with any unknown plans that the baby might have, the Royal Palace has ordered a helicopter to transport Middleton to St. Mary's Hospital in London if she happens to go into labor. A source close to the couple told Us Weekly magazine that Middleton wants to have the baby naturally, but will undergo a cesarean section if necessary.

Do you have a birth plan?
One way you can ensure that your labor and delivery go off without a hitch is to come up with a birth plan beforehand. This requires you and your partner to sit down and create a sheet documenting everything from who you want in the emergency room to how much medication you're given. While it may be challenging to nail down these details early in your pregnancy, doing so can give you peace of mind as you look forward to your little bundle of joy.

A birth plan is also helpful to your doctor, who will be with you every step of the way. Laying out all of your requests for your delivery can help your physician abide by your limitations once it comes time to give birth. Beforehand, you'll also have an opportunity to go through your birth plan with your doctors and nurses to see if your goals are feasible. These medical experts can also go over situations that may require a C-section and tell you about the health consequences prior to going into labor. 

By taking just a few minutes to create a plan with your partner, doctors and loved ones, you can make sure your pregnancy concludes smoothly.

How have you planned for your delivery in the past? Do you have an emergency plan? Leave your feedback in the comments section!