Kate Middleton attempting to combat food aversion

All eyes have been on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, since she announced her pregnancy. Now that she's inching closer to her summer due date, people are watching her every move to gauge how she's handling the nine months. In December, Middleton was hospitalized for severe morning sickness, one of the many pregnancy symptoms that plague expectant mothers. Ever since experiencing this side effect, Middleton has reportedly been avoiding food, which gives her nausea just looking at it.

To combat her food aversion, Middleton is allegedly seeking hypnotherapy, according to Daily News and Analysis. Jessica Hay, Middleton's close friend, said that some of the snacks she's been eating include avocados, berries and oatmeal. The hypnotherapy will ideally help Middleton eat a wider variety of food and get over the nausea she feels when looking at dishes.

Pregnancy and food aversion
One of the many first trimester symptoms that you may experience is food aversion, but what is it? As you start to crave strange combinations such as pickles and ice cream, you might also realize that there are certain items you just can't stand to think about. That being said, you may be preventing yourself from consuming healthy foods and nutrients that are necessary for fetal development.

Whether you can't stand the sight of spinach or yogurt, it's important to make sure you're getting the vitamins from these foods in other ways. For example, you can chow down on carrots to get some of the same nutrients you would be getting from leafy greens. If you're bothered by the thought of ingesting milk or munching on yogurt, try a cheese stick to get your fill of calcium. Your primary care provider can give you more insight into how to combat food aversion throughout the nine months.

Tackling strange cravings
You might not completely be into the idea of eating pickles and ice cream, but as your hormones change with pregnancy, it's possible that you'll begin to crave food that you never thought twice about eating in the past. One way to hone in on the cause of your cravings is to identify the nutrients in the food you desire. For example, if you're longing for potato chips, this may be a sign that your body needs more sodium. Listening to your body can give you an edge during your pregnancy and help you combat nagging symptoms.

Have you ever experienced food aversion? How do you combat cravings? Leave your feedback in the comments section!