Kate Middleton craving curry while pregnant

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms that women experience while expecting is food cravings, and sources report that Kate Middleton is one of the many who has them! Ever since her pregnancy was announced in December, the Duchess of Cambridge has allegedly been feeling a preference toward Indian food, according to the Deccan Chronicle. Specifically, some say that Middleton has fallen head over heels for curry.

Chan and Hash Shingadia operate a small restaurant in Middleton's hometown of Bucklebury. They told the news source that they've been asked to cook for the duchess while she's been pregnant, and she can't get enough of vegetable curry. The Shingadias are close friends with Middleton's parents, and this isn't the first time they've cooked for the family.

"My wife made her curry a little while ago which she  enjoyed. I think she came in one day and my wife was cooking upstairs," Hash Shingadia told the news source. "She said it smelled lovely, so my wife gave her some to take away."

Food cravings and pregnancy
Some women have stronger food cravings than others during the pregnancy calendar, and you might be able to vouch for this. That being said, have you ever wondered why you've desired some foods over others while expecting? Many medical experts believe that there may be a link between cravings and what the body is lacking during pregnancy.

Depending on the nutrients you need while carrying an unborn child, your body might yearn for sweets or salty snacks. For instance, low levels of sugar might have you reaching for candy. Not enough sodium may push you to grab a bag of potato chips. Think about how you can fill these deficiencies in a healthier manner before immediately going for junk food - supplements can potentially help you quell your cravings.

Some people also believe that changing hormones are to blame for food desires and other strange pregnancy symptoms. However, there's no real answer as to why these occur - it seems that they're just another standard part of becoming a mother! Be on the lookout for pica cravings, which can be defined as yearnings for items to eat that aren't edible. This might be a sign of iron deficiency that your doctor needs to address.

Have you experienced pica cravings in the past? What's the strangest food you've eaten while expecting? Leave your feedback in the comments section!