Kate Middleton hoping for a baby boy

by Missy Jaramillo

Kate Middleton hoping for a baby boy

A few weeks ago, Kate Middleton almost used the word "daughter" accidentally while speaking to the public about her pregnancy. The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have yet to announce the gender of their child, and neither have confirmed rumors following the incident that Middleton is expecting a girl.

However, she recently made it known that she would like to have a baby boy while speaking to a guardsman during a ceremony for the Irish Guards. In addition, Middleton stated that her husband is hoping for a little girl. The couple has yet to make an official announcement on the gender of their unborn child. Middleton recently started showing a baby bump as she inches closer toward her July due date. Their son or daughter will be third in line to the British throne.

Am I having a girl or a boy?
From the moment your first trimester begins, you'll likely going to start wondering if a little boy or girl is in the making. However, you'll have to wait until later in your pregnancy to find out the sex and start decorating your nursery in pink or blue. Around the 18th week, you may be able to receive an ultrasound that verifies the gender of your child. Depending on how the infant is positioned in the womb, you might need to wait a bit longer. 

New blood testing may be able to help women find out the gender around the sixth week of pregnancy, according to The New York Times. However, many people are still opting for the standard ultrasound as opposed to this method, which may not be as accurate.

How have you determined the sex of your unborn child in the past? Do you prefer to keep it a secret? Leave your feedback in the comments section!